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NEWEST ROOM - The Upside Down

Eleven's cousin Seven has been kidnapped by the evil Hexavorgan and brought to the upside down.  You start out in your friend Will's living room and find clues that help you open a portal to Dr. Brenner's secret lab and then eventually into The Upside Down.

Can you save Seven before it is too late. Get ready to put your thinking caps on to save Seven!

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Club Clue


A classic whodunit mixed with an escape room! To add to the fun, you have to solve the crime in a dance club with lights and music.

Was it Gary Greyhound, with the rope?  Maybe it was Babs Brownstone, with the poisoned drink.  Can you figure out who did it, when and with what?

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evil science lab

Alpha-Omega Virus

Evil Dr. Jacoby has synthesized one of the deadliest viruses known to man - The Alpha-Omega Virus.  As any good scientist, he has created the anti-virus as well to cure anyone infected.  Can you sneak into his lab to find the anti-virus and escape before his return.

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Stewie's Bedroom

A toddler with plans for world domination - that's pretty normal - right?!?!?!?!  Can you sneak into his room, while he is at daycare, and determine what his plans are.  Where will it happen? When will it happen? Make sure you escape out with the plans in 60 minutes before he gets back.

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